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You mentioned the Swift was your favorite language what’s so alluring about it from a developer’s perspective the syntax is great’s really powerful which is what I love about Swift so.

Precision Online

It’s easy and powerful yes exactly so um you from Toronto right um sorry Toronto yeah how we say Precision Online it right so is there a big developer community there I know there is a growing one but sorry uh well.

I have I don’t really meet with people in person and develop together I’m more of an independent developer right now but I do definitely help people want to one on my you tube channel with really any questions problems they have if you’d like to see YouTube channel of course.

It’s called Tim live action I get to answer yes when it’s called Tim me back she which is my name yes okay Precision Online can google it up and you’ll find it I teach stuff like computing programming algorithms Watson match and science and so yeah so actually if you like an example.

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A few days ago actually another app called to speak for handicap was accepted into the iOS App Store and I developed that with inclement which is one who is one of my subscribers and so yeah.

It took us a few months of hard work and we were able to even epic n’ speak for handicaps it allows Precision Online them to essentially speak going to ask you the question so a lot of moment I have four kids to her about.

your age they are naturally attracted to programming it’s fun it’s like sports you know it really fun for them and so that but a lot of them don’t know how to way to start.

Things That Happen When You Are In Science

What are the things you fear most and among being caught in a surprise terrorist attack having identity your identity stolen was public speaking among the top five was speaking in front of others this is a ubiquitous fear and one that I believe.

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we can learn to manage and I use that word managed very carefully because I don’t think we ever want to overcome it anxiety actually helps us it gives us energy helps us focus tells us what we’re doing is important but we want to learn to manage.

It so I’d like to introduce you to Science a few techniques that can work and all of these techniques are based on academic research but before we get there I’d love to ask you what does it feel like when you’re sitting in the audience watching a nervous speaker present.

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how do you feel just shout out a few things how do you feel uncomfortable I heard many of you going yes uncomfortable.

It feels very awkward doesn’t it so what do we do now a couple of you probably like watching somebody suffer okay but most of us don’t so what do we do we sit there and we nod and we smile or we disengage into the nervous speaker looking out at his or her audience seeing a bunch of people nodding.

Disengaged that does not help okay so we need to learn to manage our anxiety because fundamentally.

your job as a communicator rather regardless of if it’s planned or spontaneous is to make your audience comfortable because if they’re comfortable they can receive.

your message and when I say comfortable I am NOT referring to the fact that that your message has to be sugar-coated and nice and for them to hear it can be a harsh message but they have to be in a place where they can receive it so it’s incumbent on you.

Lessons I’ve Learned From Importance Of Science

My head okay so I want to do what I just told you I want to place some on the surface that I want to approximate I want all others to move Want to preserve these constraints and Want to solve a math problem which Can’t tell you about but when you do that here are the kinds of structures that he can create okay so this is mathematics now well at least ads is the result of mathematics.

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Which I won’t tell you about you can create spirals you can create spheres I told you that with this sheet you can’t do it but now you can because now I vary where the folds.

Are I can create saddles I can create a pill box Can create a candlestick I can create flower vase and a student in our group Levi Duty folded all of them and so on at the bottom you see I’m sorry you can’t even.

The Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Importance Of Science

see it’s the falls but these are real paper models of each one of those so we designed these mathematically and then we basically built them okay.

what does it allow you Importance Of Science to do it allows you for example to takes flat sheet of paper fold it let me play that again in one direction and then fold it in the other direction and I can just completely collapse it so Can do what.

I Importance Of Science said we asked the question in general about paper bags and cranes and so on we can’t do this in general but for some specific cases in this case associated with cylindrical.

shapes cylindrical shapes by definition vary in one direction not in the other you can do it so there are natural implications for Importance Of Science architecture on the small and the large scale you can also mathematically then design structures.

which have memory this object has no memory because you can keep it anywhere in between and it’s happy the object I’m going to show you next where I start with a flat sheet of paper and I can now fold it up into.