Exactly How We Made adrenal fatigue Last Month

Anymore I it and adrenal fatigue again this is not from a from a you know from a real professional as far supplements go and herbs go I’m a CBT practitioner but again get a second opinion on this but I felt huge benefits from going a little bit above what is recommended okay I don’t know healthier health care provider or your nutritionist awesome what is right for you but a lot of times they will recommend higher doses depending on where you are with your adrenal fatigue yeah and lastly.

If there’s anything else you want oh my god yeah you can keep going and uh yeah lastly I Want to kind of just pinpoint this this the importance guys of just having a structure okay having a strict structure like anything else okay when we talk about CBT for instance we’ve got a structure right and we’ve got certain skill sets and we’ve got a mindset and I Know Robin would totally agree with me when I say that you guys cannot be doing these things randomly right for instance.

Do I take this in the morning oh I forgot I went to I went to work I forgot to take my supplements you know I’m having a salad oh I forgot to bring my omegas with me I’ve led lunch during my work time and and a lot of people are going to question you know he why why you got supplements in your bag and why downy using that guys this is all about you finding the greatest version of you and a combination if we look at these these herbs and these supplements as a great sidekick.

To overcoming the fears and the end those anxious thought patterns on the site we’ve got a huge a great system here a great method together so structure is really important and I don’t know I was working with this one person one-on-one online did you see that with I’m not going to name his name but you know if you’re watching this video you know you know I’m talking about you where he had like this bowl right and he put all his stuff women like five supplements for and every time he woke up in the morning and he separated them between.