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My head okay so I want to do what I just told you I want to place some on the surface that I want to approximate I want all others to move Want to preserve these constraints and Want to solve a math problem which Can’t tell you about but when you do that here are the kinds of structures that he can create okay so this is mathematics now well at least ads is the result of mathematics.

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Which I won’t tell you about you can create spirals you can create spheres I told you that with this sheet you can’t do it but now you can because now I vary where the folds.

Are I can create saddles I can create a pill box Can create a candlestick I can create flower vase and a student in our group Levi Duty folded all of them and so on at the bottom you see I’m sorry you can’t even.

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see it’s the falls but these are real paper models of each one of those so we designed these mathematically and then we basically built them okay.

what does it allow you Importance Of Science to do it allows you for example to takes flat sheet of paper fold it let me play that again in one direction and then fold it in the other direction and I can just completely collapse it so Can do what.

I Importance Of Science said we asked the question in general about paper bags and cranes and so on we can’t do this in general but for some specific cases in this case associated with cylindrical.

shapes cylindrical shapes by definition vary in one direction not in the other you can do it so there are natural implications for Importance Of Science architecture on the small and the large scale you can also mathematically then design structures.

which have memory this object has no memory because you can keep it anywhere in between and it’s happy the object I’m going to show you next where I start with a flat sheet of paper and I can now fold it up into.