Why Are Children So Obsessed With Colorado Hemp Oil

Apparatus and I’m just using an unbleached coffee filter and I’m putting inside of this small heat safe Pyrex dish here this measuring cup and that’s what I’m going to use to filter it and after I’ve added in the marijuana flowers I see I’ve got two hundred four point three milligrams of THC exactly what I was targeting a little bit over actually which is perfect.

so we’re gonna Colorado hemp oil go ahead and strain that out you can see it’ll take a little while for it to drip slowly and cool off so that you can squeeze it out with your hands but after its cooled off about five or ten minutes you can go ahead and be careful not to bust the filter open so I like the roll the filter on in on itself so that if it does bust there’s another layer and then just really squeeze the crap out of it to get all of the butter out of there and there it is there’s our fully infused it’s activated THC butter and we have about four hundred and eight total milligrams.

Of butter available in this recipe according to the testing we have two tablespoons at two hundred and four milligrams per tablespoon so what I’m going now is I want to separate out one teaspoon of the oil that’s a half a teaspoon measuring spoon and a half there so I’m put to solve one teaspoon set aside and then I’m going to prepare my caramel and here’s the caramel that I’m using it’s a really good quality caramel and one thing I like about it is that it’s it’s easy.

To touch and it doesn’t stick to your fingers and just go all crazy it’s really nice to work with so I was able to pack that into my measuring cup that’s two-thirds a cup of the caramel and we’re going to go back to our double boiler again I’ve got to set up in the same way that I did before and putting in the larger quantity.

of butter I’ll still have that teaspoon reserved aside we’ll use that later in the chocolate and now we’re adding in the caramel and you can see it’s going to take a few minutes for your caramel to get to the temperature at which it will incorporate into the butter but just be patient and keep.