Fabric Die Cutting Machine Pros And Cons


You may wonder, What does a fabric die cutting machine do? The answer is that it cuts designs from fabric with a rotating cutter that cuts the design into multiple pieces, like a cookie cutter. Die cutting describes this process in layman,s terms, which is: when two pieces of fabric are cut with similar cuts. This is because they have been perfectly positioned so that they form an exact image when they are moved. These machines allow you to do this to varying degrees of accuracy and in different quantities.

With any type of sewing or quilting project, they typically require tools to help them come out correctly. In addition to getting the right needles, thread, and batting, you,ll also need fabric die cuts or templates.A fabric die cutting machine allows you to cut multiple layers of fabric with the flip of a switch. This means that you can create the same design over without having to use a knife, a stencil, or even scissors. Some machines, such as the powerful AccuQuilt Studio 2 Fabric Cutter, can easily cut up to ten layers of fabric with one cut.

Another useful tool in a fabric die cutting machine is die cutting mats. These are used for cutting out patterns for different materials, such as plastics and wood. These mats are usually sold separately from machines like the studio models, so it may be best to go through your local home improvement store or internet store to find the styles you,re looking for. While most machines can handle basic seam allowances, detailed seam cutting is a task best left to a die cutting machine with built-in designs. Most can only handle basic stitching instructions, such as running stitch, straight stitch, and running stop stitches. However, some designs may call for a specialized form of stitching, which a built-in machine may not be capable of.

Although fabric cutting machines are fairly inexpensive compared to industrial models, they do require a lot of maintenance. You,ll need to clean them after each use. Some of the cleaning solutions you,ll need to purchase include grease removers and fabric softeners. Many portable machines come with basic cleaning supplies already packaged in their boxes, but be sure to check before purchasing them. One con that is often overlooked is how many layers your fabric needs to cut before they can be stored effectively. When choosing a machine, think about how much cutting you,ll do with six layers of fabric before you,ll want a larger machine. Be sure to get a fabric that is durable enough to handle six layers.

The fabric die cutting option is an economical way to get professional results with less effort. However, there are plenty of reasons to choose other machines for cutting fabrics. Choose the machine that best suits your needs so that you,ll get the most value for your dollar. Consider how lightweight the machine is, how easy it is to move around, how affordable it is, and what kind of warranty you get for the price.